Introduction to Body Detoxification

Detoxification is one of the more widely used treatments and concepts in alternative medicine. The purpose is to eliminate toxins from body. According to this therapy, toxins get accumulated in the body because of the pollutants present in the environment and excessively processed foods. Proponents of such a treatment say that detoxifying the body is comparable to changing the oil of a car. Though numerous people claim to have benefited by it, the modern practitioners of medicine don’t accept this therapy.Those advocating the cleaning of body through detoxification consider the toxic buildup to be the main cause of a number of widespread symptoms, such as constipation, irregular bowel movements and gas. Body cleansing via detoxification has reportedly been helpful in treating skin disorders, mood swings and chronic fatigue. It is believed that even cancer could be caused by the toxins that have continued to remain in the body for a prolonged time.Different ways of detoxifying the body are practiced. Some of these are meant to affect particular organs, like the liver or the colon. Furthermore, certain processes are designed to free the body of particular toxins, including heavy metals and mercury. Many items are available for detoxifying the body. Many of these do not require supervision from any expert, and they may be used by one independently. It is recommended for the entire process of detoxification to be carried under the supervision of a consultant to avoid any likely complication.One way to detoxify the body at home is through detoxifying diets, which are mainly fasting plus the elimination of certain foods. The underlying principle is that the body is required to burn the excessive fat, which mainly stores toxins. As fat burns out, toxins get released into the blood stream before being finally thrown out of the body via the colon, bladder and lungs.A very common way for deep cleansing the body is through enema. It reportedly cleanses not just the colon, but also detoxifies the liver and kidneys. Herbal supplements are also available for detoxifying the colon. These supplements are believed to clean the internal lining of the intestines, eliminating all the accumulated fecal stuff.The idea of body cleaning through detoxification originated from Greece and Egypt. Those cultures believed that parts of the food that we consume is left undigested and gets trapped in different parts of the body, where it begins to rot and becomes toxic. During the early part of last century, the detoxification practices were established to be non-scientific, and thus rejected by the modern medical sciences. Yet, such practices continue to be followed by numerous patients.While many claim to have benefited from the techniques of detoxification of the human body, the fact remains that modern medicine refuses to acknowledge it. As per the theory of modern medicine, human body detoxifies itself naturally by using its kidneys and liver. No other ominous toxins have proven to be present to cause any harm.

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